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Basic / 280- 315 lessons / - candidates learn 1200-1500 lexical units which they are able to use in standard situations in oral and written form, have basic knowledge about the country of the target language, are able to handle particular – simple units self-studying and work with bilingual dictionaries, manage the base of morphology and syntax.

Intermediate / 280-315 lessons / - candidates learn actively, another, 1200-1500 lexical units, they fluently overmaster ordinary life and work situations with smaller mistakes in grammar of the studied language. Have knowledge about life in the country of a target language and gain knowledge which, in case of necessity and interest, allows them to improve the language self-studying. Their skills and knowledge of the language are satisfactory for further studying of a professional field.

Advanced / 280-315 lessons / - candidates actively learn approximately 1200-1500 lexical units, fluently – almost without mistakes – communicate in oral and written form, are able to translate texts of a general character, they handle stylistic nuances of a foreign language. They are able to self- study without any problems, handle difficult interpreting and information, even difficult professional texts with help of dictionaries.

Preparatory for examinations / 105-140 lessons / - candidates actively learn approximately 500 lexical units, are able to communicate effectively, fluently and grammatically correct, translate texts from /to the target language and have enough relevant socio-politic information for the non-problematic communication and orientation in the countries of a target language.