Beginning of Teaching

Teaching in courses begins in terms, which are announced on the information boards of the school building.

There is no teaching during official school holidays and public holidays.

Only the accepted student who covered ordered payments and completed the registration card can participate in the lessons.

The student, who cannot start the course from the beginning of the school term, will have preserved the vacancy until the 20th September. If the student does not start attendance until this date, the vacancy will be offered to another candidate.

School Attendance

Language school attendance is the matter of pastime activities. Registration into the course pledges the candidate to proper school attendance. Moreover, one of the conditions to advance to a higher grade, besides of succeeding in advancement exams, is at least 70% of school attendance for a semester.

Interruption of Studies

If a reasonable absence hinders the student from finishing the school year or the semester, he announces it to the course teacher or the headmaster.

The interruption of the study is recorded in the class register. The school provides such student with an opportunity to register next school year. The student renders a document of covered payments for the corresponding school year and is enabled to register in a course during the following two years, either in September or in February of the corresponding school year.

Students´ Requests

Students´ requests towards the course teacher or the school management are interpreted by the course confidant chosen by the students. His name is stated in the class register.

Certificate of School Attendance

If a student requires a certificate of the course attendance during or at the end of the school year, it is issued by his course teacher. The certificate of school attendance for the past years (of maximum five year retrospective validity) is issued by the school management on condition of the student‘s advancement to a higher grade and his, at least 70%, attained school attendance. The evidence is the class register.

Advancement to a Higher Grade

Students with good study results, passing half term and end term advancement exams (January / June), attaining at least 70% of school attendance advance to a higher grade (II. to IV).

If some courses are cancelled of schedule reasons the students are enlisted into other courses. All students from cancelled courses, who advanced to higher grades, are replaced to parallel courses. Unfortunately, to offer a parallel course with the same time table is not always possible. However, students cannot require the same teaching hours or the same course teacher for the whole period of study.

Supplying, Linking courses

With regard to teacher’s absence, sometimes it is needed to link, compensate or supple the courses. The teacher’s absence is announced on the information boards.