Study results of students are evaluated by course teachers at the end of each semester and are registered in the class register. The students’ achievement is evaluated in four grades:

1- Excellent, 2 – Very good , 3- Good, 4- Unsatisfactory

Students are evaluated on the basis of their work during the whole period of a semester and according to their progress that is always assumed before the end of the semester (January / June). The school attendance /at least 70% / is also regarded.

The student, classified by grade 4, or not classified at the end of the school year, cannot be registered to higher level. He can apply and be registered to the same level, if there are vacancies in the course.


The internal students obtain certificates about their successful completing of the course – basic, intermediate and advanced / the second, fourth and sixth (second – additional conversational) grade/. The certificates are issued on condition of the documents in the class register / absolving half term and end term written progress exams, complete assessment and attained 70% of school attendance/. These certificates are issued by course teachers. The certificates of maximum 5 year retrospective validity are issued by the school management.

Language Final Examinations

The language school students attending the preparatory courses can take the basic or the comprehensive final examination in spring term. Detailed information about the final exams is elaborated particularly and can be requested at the school office.