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Have you also decided to study a foreign language?

Nowadays all of us realize that it is inevitable to speak at least one universal language. The most common reason for this is one’s profession, either at home or abroad. We live in a global society and the necessity to be able to communicate with foreigners, either personally or formally, is arising year to year. Sooner or later each of us realizes that without speaking a foreign language he is lost. So why not to start right now?

Our language school was founded in 1998. We educate students of different age categories, from the pre-school age to the unlimited highest age category.

The most preferred languages are English and German, though we also teach languages as Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian and Slovak-according to the students’ requests.

There have been many experiments to learn a foreign language as easy and fast as possible. Lots of new methods really help to acquire language skills, though it is always about hard work and self devotion. As a satisfaction you will realize that a new world, full of eternal opportunities, is opening in front of you.

For more details about the possibilities to study at our school read also the further information.

Good luck!

Mgr. Klára Šándorová, headmistress


Information about studies

Our language school is a public pastime-educational facility which organizes courses in following languages – English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Slovak and Hungarian.